Marca Training Programme 2017: new horizons for Unspecialized Distribution

The CAI management took part in the co-packer seminar at Marca, which tackled the interesting topic of e-commerce for large-scale retail trade, considering the current changes in the buying behavior of the final demand.

An in-depth analysis of the scenario and the actions undertaken by Italian e-commerce operators, especially considering the logistic implications of such a change .

The workshop was enriched by some interesting interventions on behalf of managers from relevant distribution groups and concerning strategic policies set to enrich the value of their brand.

An opportunity for a detailed study, useful for CAI’s strategies, especially on the basis of some key topics, among which the evolution of the market quote for Distributor Brands in the Italian contest (first semester analysis), the role of digital distribution in the field of large scale products, the logistic implications in light of changes in the distribution market, perspectival MDD policies, as well as implications for co-packer industries.