Accademia del Peperoncino picks Sprayleggero for its 2017 registration campaign

For its 2017 registration campaign, the “Accademia del Peperoncino” (Chili Pepper Academy in Calabria, Italy) picked the Chili pepper version of the Sprayleggero oil as one of the gadgets which will be awarded to all its new members for the 25th anniversary of the Academy.

Sprayleggero is our exclusive all-natural spray: inside the aluminum container a bag containing the oil shields it from light and air. It is 100% natural because it’s free of harsh propellants, preservatives and chemicals which are normally contained in normal oil sprays.

Sprayleggero ensures two uncomparable results:

• The nebulization enables a reduced oil dose, thus avoiding product waste and being good for your shape.

• The best preservation possible, by maintaining the product always shielded from contact with light and air.

On our website Academy members can also find special discount rates reserved to them on the chili pepper spray and all our other oil sprays, comfortably delivered at your house at the same store price.