Sprayleggero Curcuma Spray wins the Italian Food Awards 2017

Mantova-Sprayleggero Turmeric flavored extra virgin olive oil awarded the Most Innovative Italian Products, at Anuga 2017 in Cologne.

A record number of 289 products were evaluated and voted by a jury composed of retailers, importers, distributors, and brokers from all over the world. Mantova-Sprayleggero Turmeric flavored extra virgin olive oil was awarded by jury thanks to the proprietary technic that allowed to combine the most trendy nutraceutical spice with the benefits of the extra virgin olive oil contained in the ultra-innovative natural spray system of Compagnia Alimentare Italiana.
Interviewed Adriano Mantova explained: “Our special infusion process of Turmeric with extra virgin olive oil allowed an unmatched combination of health and gastronomic benefits. Our exclusive process is capable to avoid the powdery sensation in mouth typical in other turmeric products and our spray system is the only one that allows consumer to uniformly season every dish with a very small quantity of product. Definitively a uniqueness, not just an innovative condiment”.

Ad Anuga 2017 a Sprayleggero Curcuma viene assegnato un premio non solo perché è un condimento innovativo, ma di fatti perché è oggi unico nel panorama mondiale.

About Compagnia Alimentare Italiana

Driven by innovation. With a 1oo years in the business of specialty food and olive oils, the Mantovas have been probably the #1 innovators in olive oil business in the last 50 years. It’s theirs the first use of the “marasca bottle”, the square tall green bottle that became a worldwide recognized icon for the specialty olive oils. Mantovas were the first in launching the concept of Novello extra virgin olive oil, releasing in shops in early October 100% of the very first production of the season. It’s also theirs the idea of bottling “unfiltered” E.V.O. and finally it’s still thanks to the Mantovas the production of flavored olive oils with the largest variety of spices. They are also the largest manufactures and bottlers of Avocado oil in Europe..
Today Compagnia Alimentare Italiana and the Mantova’s are continuing their “innovation leadership of edible oil market” with Sprayleggero, being the largest manufacturers of condiments, both traditional and modern nutraceutical oils, using the unique natural spray system “bag-in-valve”.

About Mantova-Sprayleggero

SPRAYING OIL NATURALLY. The technology of Sprayleggero is designed to preserve all the genuine qualities of the oil. Thanks to the revolutionary “bag on valve” system, the oils are contained pure and free of any propellant in a sealed bag inside the aluminum or plastic bottle, thus guaranteeing long term protection from air and light. No additives or emulsifying agents are needed to expel the oil. By pressing on the nozzle the oil is forced out in a fine spray thanks solely to the action of simply compressed air. “Sprayleggero” can reduce the amount of oil you use by up to 90% compared to a traditional bottle of oil. So it is a healthy option which also saves client’s money. The Mantova-Sprayleggero is in fact the largest of its kind on the planet nowadays and it will continue to grow with an incredible number of product formulations that will amaze the market and produce new sales opportunities for retailers all over the world. This together with other extraordinary innovations are moving Compagnia Alimentare Italiana into a new brilliant future.